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Videos that chronicle the lives, works and techniques of other artists.

Fatimah Tuggar

Katleen Kennedy

Jim Barnhill

Scott Bletz

Kate Kretz

Jim Gallucci

Richard Ritter

Holly Fischer

Jim Gutsell

Brice Brown

Nathaniel Lancaster

Jillian Webb

and much more...

Videos that chronicle the creation of some of my oil paintings.

Don Stewart - Plein Air at Ocean Isle

Oil Painting From Life - Step by Step

OIl Painting 1: Egg With Oranges

How To videos that may help with your own creations.

How to Paint a Watercolor

Max Ernst Texture with Plastic

Oil Painting From Life - Step by Step

Selling Your Art - Marketing Tips

How Art is Selected for Shows

Toning a Canvas

Oiling Out

Painting an Abstract

Here are my YouTube videos archived by theme. For videos as they are posted, visit YouTube.